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What is it?

Why is it so hard for software development groups to adopt a different approach or methodology? Or, why is it so hard for managers and leaders to transition out of the command and control mode?

We recommend playing this game at the beginning of a change-related facilitated session to allow people to open their minds.

Time Needed

30 Minutes

Number of Participants


Supplies Needed (per Person)

  • 2 pieces of blank paper
  • Scissors
  • Colored pens, crayons, or pencils
    • Must include yellow or red

Process Steps

This game can be played in person or virtually!

  1. Let everyone know that they will be drawing an object – it doesn’t have to be a car, but it is a good example that everyone knows and understands.
  2. Explain the rules:
    1. Fill up at least half of your first page with a drawing of a car.
    2. The car can be as detailed and as creative as you would like.
    3. The car must have yellow headlights and must be colored red.
    4. Once you have drawn and colored the car, cut it out.
    5. It isn’t a race but you will be timed; put up your hand or notify someone when you are done. (As the facilitator, be sure to document each person’s time.)
  3. Once everyone has completed their car, have each person share their creation.
  1. Talk about the quality of the solutions, how closely the cuts are against the lines and the evenness of coloring in.
  2. Have each person vote from 1-10 on how comfortable they were doing this exercise (1 being extremely uncomfortable and 10 being extremely comfortable).
    1. Write down these scores.
  3. Now, they will repeat the activity.
  4. Explain the new rules:
    1. This round, you will be doing the same work (drawing, coloring, and cutting) but with your opposite hand.
    2. This car should be a duplicate of the first.
    3. You will be timed again.
  5. Once everyone has completed their second car, have each person share their new creation alongside their work from Round 1.
  1. Discuss the differences. Is the sizing different? Is there more white space? Are the cut lines more jagged? Are the differences beyond what is tolerable?
  2. Have each person vote from 1-10 on how comfortable they were doing this exercise (1 being extremely uncomfortable and 10 being extremely comfortable).
    1. Write down these scores.
  3. Get the group to consider what it would be like if they had used the hand that you used for the second car every single day for the next three months and then attempted the exercise again. Ask them to re-vote what they think their comfort rating would be after the three months.
    1. Write down these scores.


Mostly likely, the second cars took 50-100% longer to do despite having a template and no longer requiring innovation. And, the comfort levels are almost certainly lower on the second round, and higher in the projection after practicing for 3 months.

Facilitate an introspection/reflection regarding what they have learned about change. Common results will include the following:

  • Adopting a new change (be it methodology or leadership style) won’t be easy; in fact, it will feel very uncomfortable but if we stick at it for a while then we will get better at it and consequently feel more comfortable.
  • It is highly likely that adopting this change will result in it taking longer to do things for a while and that quality output might also degrade, but bit by bit we will get faster and better until our results are comparable.

After that, we might even start seeing some benefits of doing the change. 

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Picture of Ali Cox

Ali Cox

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