Transformation Services

We help teams promote and lead their transformations.

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People Based Transformations

We help organizations create a business ecosystem that revolves around a modern strategy for agility. It is imperative to fortify teams with the culture and skills necessary to transform work models and realize their strategy. At a higher level, management must also optimize processes to further improve organizational efficiency and maximize customer value perception.

By empowering digital teams, the complex journey of transformation is not only achievable, but will also reveal a new horizon of possibilities for your organization. We believe that the people in an organization, from the lowest to the highest level, are a catalyst for success and the true actors of the revolution. Our role is to provide support and guidance as you bring your organization to the peak of demand satisfaction and competitiveness. We do this by focusing our efforts on your most important asset – your people.

Our reason for being is to empower your people to implement a custom digital strategy and deliver business value to your customers. We do this through our NextB® Change and NextB® Learning frameworks. 

Considerations for Agility

We recommend reflecting on your current organizational situation regarding these five critical aspect of agility. How do you stack up? 

transformation solutions


Does your organization embrace a mindset that is open to change and transparency?

transformation solutions


Is your organization preparing its leadership to enable teams to react to change? 

transformation solutions


Are your teams empowered to make decisions and work autonomously?

transformation solutions


Are you innovating with your customer at the center?

transformation solutions


Does your team have the skills and competencies you need to be successful?

Our Transformation Services

To help transform your organization, we utilize three solutions areas of focus for sustainable agility.

Agile Transformation

Transforming Work Culture

We help organizations build and adopt a new, custom Lean-Agile work culture that is shared by all teams and based on common values, principles, and practices.

Digital Talent​

Developing Digital Skills

We identify the necessary profiles to help organizations carry out their digital strategy and develop the skills necessary for teams to implement it successfully.

Always Learning

Promoting Continuous Learning

We develop and foster a new culture of continuous, active, collaborative, and peer-to-peer learning that inspires a culture that is adaptive to change.

Benefits of Our Approach

We believe in people-based transformations. It’s impossible to be successful in any transformation if the people making the change aren’t ready for it. People are the key element.

Our goal is to help your teams become autonomous as soon as possible. By combining elements of traditional training with consultative services, our approach provides higher customization and learning retention. 


Standard Training


Standard Consulting

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