What We Do

We help digital teams promote and lead the digital transformation in their organization. 

Enterprise Agility

From stand-alone teams to global organizations, our range of services helps define and implement a strategy for adopting Lean-Agile methodologies and promoting powerful cultural changes.

Deliver Business Value

We help teams define a business-IT alignment strategy and adopt new management models to identify and build value solutions.

Digital Talent

We empower your digital teams to develop the competencies necessary to define and implement a new digital strategy and lead change in your organization.

Always Learning

Services to develop and foster a new culture based on continuous, active, and collaborative learning structured around the best talent in the organization.

Why We Do It

When Peter Drucker said “Culture eats the strategy for breakfast”, he meant that it is impossible to implement a new strategy if the organization is not ready to take on and manage the changes involved. Changing the culture of an organization or team is not an easy task, and it requires planning, leadership, and a lot of persistence. We collaborate with you to design and execute initiatives that promote the development of powerful and lasting cultural changes.

Training and development models evolve continuously in order to advance the thinking of the organization and offer strategies to achieve success. We help organizations transform their training and development models to facilitate an achievable path to success.

Having committed and motivated teams, with the profiles and skills necessary to successfully implement the organization’s digital strategy, should be an indispensable goal of all organizations. To achieve this, we help IT and digital teams design and implement new talent management and development models, define the necessary technological profiles, identify the respective competencies, and evaluate the structure within the teams themselves.

All organizations and IT teams are, or should be, immersed in a continuous process of reviewing and improving their working models to streamline and maximize value delivery to their customers. From our point of view, it is essential that teams lead themselves to facilitate faster adoption of their new reality and significantly reduce their resistance to change. We help digital teams define, implement, and manage participatory processes for continuous improvement of their working models.

How We Do It

We believe that all training initiatives should be a response to strategic challenges faced by an organization’s digital teams. We are committed to designing activities, programs, and catalogs of training that go beyond the short-term needs of the teams to serve them on their projects and initiatives of improvement and transformation.

Knowledge is one thing, but application is another. We utilize workshops as tools to define and agree on strategic plans, identify and prioritize requirements, co-create custom training courses and programs, and solve complex technical problems. Workshops are conducted for situations in which a level of collaboration, commitment, and agreement between different participants is high.

Our mentoring and coaching services are designed to help your teams apply specific knowledge, implement an established plan, manage the required changes, and fulfill the deadlines determined in your transformation roadmap. With your teams as the real actors of change, we will provide advice, knowledge, and guidelines to help them make success a reality.

This comprehensive service plan targets your specific needs, delivers custom materials, and applies the knowledge directly to your project. Course Based Improvement includes an implementation roadmap that is supported by optional on-going mentoring to ensure integration and fulfillment of the actions developed.

Think Big. One of the biggest challenges of a global organization is not only adapting to market demands, but doing so in a way that advances new business lines and encourages the development of internal talent. The new way of working must be based on promoting new cultural changes, transforming processes organization-wide, and optimizing all departments by focusing on the core business.