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Atlanta, GA | August 20, 2019 – B2T Training, LLC, a leading provider of business analysis training based in Atlanta, GA, announced today that it will be integrating with their parent company, Netmind International LLC (a Miami-based US subsidiary of Netmind Group) effective August 20, 2019. As a result of this integration, B2T Training will be rebranded as dba Netmind. Netmind will formally operate as B2T Training, LLC with Netmind International, LLC as owner.

Ali Cox, General Manager, explains the reason for the integration: “To meet the needs of today’s accelerated pace of innovation, organizations need to adopt a new, sustainable way of doing business. While we believe good business analysis remains at the core of success, the need for agility is now at the forefront of organizational goals. And while almost all organizations agree on the need for agility, the means to achieve it are still difficult to navigate.”

“Our new, unified brand allows B2T to open its doors to an extensive portfolio of services currently offered by Netmind global. Our new portfolio includes services for business agility, business analysis, change management, project management, IT service management, and digital innovation. With these comprehensive additions we are able to provide a more complete solution, one that utilizes training and mentoring as a strategic tool to promote the development of a shared mindset and empower an organization’s talent to thrive amid volatility.”

Aleix Palau, Partner and CCO of Netmind Group, adds, “At Netmind, our passion is people. We believe that investing in your people to lead your transformation is the key to long-term agility. We don’t just teach your people how to transform; we inspire them to drive the transformation from the inside-out by building and fostering a continuous, collaborative, and peer-based learning culture.”

Per Aleix, “By helping organizations adopt new learning models, we have experienced global success in establishing a methodology that allows our clients to achieve the organizational agility required to meet evolving customer needs. With clients ranging from 20 to 100,000 employees, we have honed our scalable and unique transformation experience. We are excited to share it with the US market.” 

Just as B2T Training has for the past 19 years, Netmind remains committed to providing the best training experience in the industry. Their US-based team will continue to support and serve their customers with the existing and expanded portfolios.

About Netmind

For more than 30 years, Netmind has a been focused on training and promoting digital business through IT people. Service areas include Enterprise Agility, Business Value, Digital Talent, and Always Learning. Our client base largely consists of Fortune 100 and 500 companies with large development teams across various industries, including finance, energy, insurance, retail, transportation, consulting, and government. Each year we host over 1,000 training sessions for more than 6,000 professionals. For more information, visit netmind.net.

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