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Sol Estrada to participate in Dev Day 4 Women 2023-EN

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Alejandra Rodríguez

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"IT Women vs. Diversity and Inclusion" and "Burnout... If it exists"

Once again, the leading conference Dev Day 4 Women, an initiative that promotes the participation of women in IT in Latin America organized by Software Guru 4 Women, will take place on May 17 and 18 in Mexico in an online format and free of charge. 

The event for women involved in software development aims to develop a community where women can learn, be inspired and connect to continue their careers in STEM, through technical conferences, professional development talks, experiences of women in the industry and networking activities between the different IT communities that drive technology in Mexico and LATAM. 

Among the participants of this edition will be our colleague Sol Estrada, Enterprise Agile Coach at Netmind, who will be a speaker in the panel “IT Women vs. Diversity and Inclusion” and will give a talk on “Burnout… if it exists”. 

The fireside panel “IT Women vs. Diversity and Inclusion” will explain the current situation and the problems faced by women professionals in the IT industry, from their personal experience. Among the topics to be discussed will be the lack of diversity and inclusion in technology organizations, the current state of the salary gap, among others. 

We invite you not to miss these talks where she will explain from a personal point of view, the current situation of gender parity as a woman working in the Information Technology industry, additionally, she will talk about the consequences and lessons learned after experiencing burnout. 

📅 May 18, 10:00 – 16:00 (GMT-6).

Do you know Sol Estrada?

Sol (LinkedIn) is an Agile Coach involved in helping and accompanying teams and organizations in adopting and implementing Agile frameworks, practices and techniques to consistently deliver value. 


As an Enterprise Agile Coach at Netmind, she works extensively with banking, government, retail, insurance in Mexico and telecommunications in Argentina. Sol has a university degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Networking and Distributed Systems from the Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia Michoacan. 

Sol Estrada

In addition, he is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge with the people he collaborates with. Last but not least, he is the author of the book “re-evolution” (ed. Anaya, 2021).

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Picture of Alejandra Rodríguez

Alejandra Rodríguez

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