Enterprise Agility


Enterprise Agility
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Enterprise Agility Challenges

Adopting new Lean-Agile management methodologies is not easy. To achieve enterprise agility, it is necessary for organizations to partner with professionals who have expertise in agile principles and practices, management process review, and promoting a culture of customer-oriented collaboration and continuous improvement. To ensure that these initiatives are a success, it is important that teams are self-organizing. They must adapt to their reality and get personally involved with their initiatives.

We will partner with you to:

  • Transform to an agile environment
  • Organize for agility, from management to the team-level
  • Manage the change to an agile culture
  • Empower digital teams and define the tools necessary to devise a transformation strategy
  • Maximize process efficiency
  • Deliver mentoring and coaching at the executive level

Enterprise Agility Services

From stand-alone teams to global organizations, our range of services help define and implement a strategy for adopting Lean-Agile methodologies and promoting powerful cultural changes.

Agile Training

Design, management, and delivery of training programs in Lean-Agile values, principles, practices, and tools.

Agile Universities

Design and management of transformative corporate universities that develop internal Lean-Agile talent and capabilities.

Agile Coaching Boot Camp

Identify and train internal change agents to drive the agile transformation in a natural and sustainable way.

Agile Teams

Training and support programs for team adoption of Lean-Agile values, principles, practices, and tools.

Agile Enterprises

Training, consulting, and support programs for the adoption of new Lean-Agile work models in an organization or department.

Scaling Agile

Training and support programs to scale agility across an organization using SAFe® as the framework reference.