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Happy Meeting Box Template

Happy Meeting Box Template

Having trouble accomplishing your goals during meetings? In our blog Critical Thinking: Time Is of the Essence (Part 1), Kate points out that more and more, we are wasting time scheduling unnecessary meetings and then holding “meetings after the meeting” to discuss what happened in the meeting and to schedule the next meeting.

This can all be avoided by having a property planned agenda and making sure everyone is prepared. This Happy Meeting Box is a table in a MS Word document that can conveniently be copied and pasted into your meeting invitation.

The table includes usage suggestions to guide you on the information needed to ensure you adequately set meeting expectations so that you and your team are prepared.

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Are you using this meeting invitation template for a facilitated session? Be sure to download our Facilitated Session Template Package for a more comprehensive checklist.

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Kate McGoey

Kate McGoey

Kate McGoey, is the former Product Development Director for B2T Training (now Netmind), and has more than 20 years’ experience in different application development and lifecycle process positions. Winner of the inaugural Requirements Lifecycle Award from, and co-author of Business Analysis for Dummies®, Kate has both internal back-office and commercial software product development experience. She has performed principal BA or PM roles on enterprise technology projects and improvement initiatives across a wide range of industries, and developed valuable experience while leading BA Centers of Excellence and other analysis-related, development support teams including Requirements Management, User Experience, Quality Assurance and Program Management.

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