Microservices and REST APIs: the key to digital transformation-EN

In the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, the faster you can move from an executive business decision to a product launch, the greater the chances of success. One of the main reasons for the immense popularity of microservices is the short time to market.

Through the microservices architecture, business functionality and capabilities are decomposed into individual modules. It is a decoupled architecture that facilitates the continuous deployment of new functionality and the upgrade of existing functionality in a rapid turnaround time.

With microservices, it is much easier and natural to follow DevOps principles and maintain an agile software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Each microservice has its database, communicates with other microservices through REST APIs like endpoints, and can be developed independently. Because they are small entities and contain weak coupling, they are easier to develop and update. This means that developers can quickly build a microservice around a business capability and make it available for users to test.

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